Chaise Lounge // BLBC // Friday

Awad - April 13, 2015

This edgy Melbourne institution lays low just off of the corner of Little Collins and Queens street. A stylish and intimate nightclub in the CBD where regulars DJ Kahlua and DJ Booty will deliver the finest urban beats. Shake to old-school favourites on the dancefloor as well as Hip Hop, Trap and R&B. Drinks specials on offer and guest-list is a must. Location 105 Queens Street Melbourne …

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Alumbra // Soul Sessions // Sunday

Awad - February 22, 2015

Looking for something different on a Sunday evening. How about live soulful music by the pier? Alumbra is a rather special venue – luxurious floor to wall ceilings and pretty impressive sound system. And on Sundays, Alumbra plays host to Alumbra. Expect a live band from 6 – 9 followed by DJs playing a mixture of R&B, reggae and soul. Soul Sessions @ Alumbra is the …

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Key Club // YOYO // Saturday // REVIEW

Awad - February 15, 2015

Since 2012, Key Club, in the upper east end of the CBD continues to host some of the largest acts in R&B/HipHop scene. And on Saturday’s it continues to hosts one of Melbourne’s most prominent R&B night spots. Unfortunately, guest-lists is a must, and to avoid having to deal with the inevitable queue that forms, attempt to make your way in before 10pm. After having walked past …

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